This part is a kind of semiconductor called NAS1922-0200.

Function of this product has MILITARY / AEROSPACE / CUSTOM Band.

Manufacturers : Breeze

Image and pinout :

NAS1922-0200 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

MILITARY / AEROSPACE / CUSTOM OEM DESIGNS • • • • • • • Unique shapes & flanges Special latches & bolts Special material Single segment or multiple inserts Cut clamps Quick attach clamps Double take-up clamps Breeze also manufactures a line of Military Specification Clamps that conform to the requirements of "MS35842" as well as the more critical aeronautical specs. "AN737TW" and "NAS1922." Also available -- NAS1924 Clamps above size -48. STOCK NUMBERS AN737TW-22 AN737TW-24 AN737TW-26 AN737TW-30 AN737TW-34 AN737TW-38 AN737TW-44 AN737TW-46 AN737TW-48 AN737TW-44-48 AN737TW-56 AN737TW-58 AN737TW-66 AN737TW-56-66 AN737TW-74 AN737TW-82 AN737TW-91 AN737TW-74-91 AN737TW-98 AN737TW-107 AN737TW-114 AN737TW-98-114 MS35842-10 MS35842-11 MS35842-12 EFFECTIVE DIAMET [ ... ]

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