This part is a kind of semiconductor called TDA9570H.

Function of this product has TDA9570H.

Manufacturers : ETC

Image and pinout :

TDA9570H image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

R778 1K5 R777 680R R776 330R R774 KEY01 180R TV101 + 10uF/50V C620 10uF/50V R610 R609 R611 R633 100K AUD2R 2K2 C630 C625 1n 4u7F/100V RS601 CSB503F58 + RIPPLE REJCT SIGNAL GND POWER GND MUTE/ST-BY SWITCH +B SUPLLY + 10K + R631 C623 + C627 100K100K TDA1517 IC601 C618 2.2uF/100V C621 1n + W1 SPARK + C619 10uF/50V OUT-L OUT-R 1uF/100V C632 OUT-R EXT.R R608 2K2 5V 12V CN601 R612 R613 100K 100K - 4 C640 + 10uF/50V FL601 LEFT AGC SDA SCL AS 5V CN1701 KEY02 2.2uF/100V VOLR779 470R MENU R783 270R ON/OFF C622 100kpF/25V 4u7F/100V AUD1R 470uF/16V SW704 CN+ SW706 SW707 FI SW705 C617 C624 15n C626 47uF/25V 33V + + 3 C646 1 3 4 5 7 9 11 5V + 8R FIO601 C644 12K RM701 38KHz 100uF/16V R109 OUT-L DBX STEREO ADJUST NOISE DET [ ... ]

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