This part is a kind of semiconductor called LD6143.

Function of this product has Three Channel 4th Order Video Filter Driver.

Manufacturers : SWID

Image and pinout :

LD6143 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file : LD6143 Three Channel 4th Order Video Filter Driver DESCRIPTION The LD6143 video filter driver is intended to replace passive LC filters and drivers with a integrate vice. Three fourth-order filters provide improved image quality compared to typical 2nd or 3rd order passive solutions. The LD6143 may be driven by a DC or an AC-coupled video signal. The outputs can drive AC or DC-coupled single dual 75Ω loads. 150Ω or FEATURE Three fourth-order 8MHz Standard Definition SD video filters 2Vpp, 75Ω Transparent input clamping Dual video load drive AC or DC-coupled inputs AC or DC-coupled outputs 5V only SOIC-8 package APPLICATION Use for the Cable set top boxes, Satellite set top boxes, DVD players, HDTV, Personal video recorders PVR or Video on demand VOD . FUNCTION [ ... ]

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