This part is a kind of semiconductor called NAS1922-0200.

Function of this product has Band.

Manufacturers : Clamp

Image and pinout :

NAS1922-0200 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Clamps MS35842 Clamps Primarily a military vehicle and ordnance clamp. ■ Low pressure, type “F” ■ Federal Supply Class 4730 ■ Slotted hex head screw. ■ 100% stainless steel. AN737TW Clamps Primarily an aircraft application clamp ■ FEDERAL SUPPLY CLASS 4730 ■ Stainless steel band, housing and saddle with carbon steel hex head or thumb (wing) screw. Europeans Type of Clamps also available from stock NAS1922 Clamps Primarily a light-weight, aircraft application clamp. ■ Federal Supply Class 4730 ■ 100% stainless steel ■ Available with either round-slot (-1) or hex head screw ■ Both screw styles can be supplied with optional Lock Wire hole (H). NAS 1922 Clamps Stock Numbers Diameter Range Min. Max. Diameter Range Stock Numbers in. Min. mm in. [ ... ]

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