This part is a kind of semiconductor called SAV-36.

Function of this product has FM RF Power Amplifier Module.

Manufacturers : Toshiba Semiconductor

Image and pinout :

SAV-36 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

S-AV36 TOSHIBA RF POWER AMPLIFIER MODULE S-AV36 ○FM RF POWER AMPLIFIER MODULE for VHF BAND ・Output Power :80W (Min.) ・Power Gain :32.0dB (Min.) ・Total Efficiency:45% (Min.) MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc = 25℃, ZG = ZL = 50Ω) CHARACTERISTIC DC Supply Voltage DC Supply Voltage DC Supply Voltage Total Current Input Power Output Power Operating Case Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range SYMBOL VDD VDD VGG IT Pi Po Tc (opr) Tstg TEST CONDITION VGG =0V, Pi =0mW VGG≦5V, Pi =50mW, Po≦60W VDD≦12.5V, Pi =50mW VDD≦12.5V, Pi =50mW VDD≦12.5V, VGG≦5V 12.5V< VDD≦16.5V, VGG≦5V, Pi =50mW VGG≦5V RATING 16.5 16.5 5.5 15 100 90 -30~100 -40~110 UNIT V V V A mW W ℃ ℃ Caution: This maximum rating given in a sheet guarantees each item independently. When two ite [ ... ]

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