This part is a kind of semiconductor called V4580.

Function of this product has Ultra Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier.

Manufacturers : Cool Audio

Image and pinout :

V4580 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Ultra-Low Noise Dual Operational Amplifier V4580 Dual Operational Amplifier 1. Description V4580 is a state-of-the-art dual operational amplifier, specially designed for low-noise and low-distortion audio and measurement applications. The bi-polar design also offers wide gain-bandwidth and high current, short-circuit proof outputs to drive for example headphones, etc. Its excellent specifications make the V4580 a universal component for many applications. DIP-8-300-2.54 SOP-8-300-2.54 SIP-8 2. Features • Operating voltage • Ultra-low input noise voltage • Wide gain-bandwidth • Ultra-low distortion • Package outlines (±2 ~ ±18 V) (0.8 µVrms typ.) (15 Mhz typ.) (0.0005 % typ.) SOP-8/225 (V4580E), SOP-8/300 (V4580M), DIP-8 (V4580D), SIP-8 (V4580L) • RO [ ... ]

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