This part is a kind of semiconductor called C5521.

Function of this product has 2SC5521.

Manufacturers : Panasonic

Image and pinout :

C5521 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

New Horizontal Deflection Transistor Series for TV s Overview Based on accumulated manufacturing technology, these horizontal deflection transistors for TVs offer high performance and compact design. They can also withstand high voltage and maintain low loss. They also have a broad area of safeoperation, despite an absolutely minimal chip area which allows very compact package configuration. These advanced features contribute to higher performing, more reliable home-use TVs that cost less. s Features q Withstands ultrahigh voltage : 1500V/1600V/1700V/1800V/2000V q Low loss:VCE(sat)<3V q Broad area of safe-operation. s Spacifications Parameter Part No. 2SC5657 2SC5622/2SC5572 2SC5518/2SC5523 2SC5514/2SC5521 2SC5517/2SC5522 2SC5519/2SC5524 2SC5516/2SC5584 2SC5546 [ ... ]

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