This part is a kind of semiconductor called 324ARP.

Function of this product has HA17324ARP.

Manufacturers : Hitachi Semiconductor

Image and pinout :

324ARP image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file : HA17324/A Series Quad Operational Amplifier ADE-204-031 (Z) 1st Edition Apr. 2000 Description HA17324 series and HA17324A series are quad operational amplifier that provide high gain and internal phase compensation, with single power supply. They can be widely used to control equipments. Features • Wide range of supply voltage, and single power supply used • Internal phase compensation • Wide range of common mode voltage, and possible to operate with an input about 0V Features only for “A” series • Low electro-magnetic interference level Measurement Condition Rf Vcc = +7.5 V Vee = −7.5 V Rs Rs Rf 0.01 µ Vin −10 dBm RF signal source (for quasi-RF noise) Vout V _ (= 100∗Vio) 5.0 Output offset voltage (arb. unit) Output Offset Voltage vs. Input Int [ ... ]

324ARP PDF Datasheet Download

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