This part is a kind of semiconductor called CD9088CB.

Function of this product has 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC.

Manufacturers : ETC

Image and pinout :

CD9088CB image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

CD9088CB is a monolithic tunable FM radio circuit with its peripheral circuit simple application cost low circuit built-in Frequency-dependent 70kHz phase-locked loop system selectable by the active RC filter to achieve the silent circuit can suppress non-IF signal and too weak IF signal The following features include monaural radio from the RF input to the audio output of all functional circuits Mute circuit contains automatic frequency control system can be used for mechanical tuning power polarity protection.

The operating supply voltage can be as low as 1.8V from the 88MHz key reset to the 108 MHz frequency range for automatic search

Package form SOP16 [ ... ]


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