This part is a kind of semiconductor called 78LR05.

Function of this product has NJM78LR05.

Manufacturers : New Japan Radio

Image and pinout :

78LR05 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

NJM78LR05 SERIES REGULATOR WITH RESET FUNCTION ■ GENERAL DESCRIPTION The NJM78LR05 is a series regulator with reset function. In case of shut down or output voltage drop, the IC generates reset signal to a microcomputer. That is suitable for items with microcomputer, such as TV sets, remote controller, refrigerator and others. ■ PACKAGE OUTLINE NJM78LR05BD / CD / DD NJM78LR05BM / CM / DM ■ FEATURES ● Output Current IO=150mA max. ● Reset Function Including ● Reset Delay Time can be Adjusted NJM78LR05BL / CL / DL by an External Capacitance. ● Internal Over Current Protection ● Thermal Shut Down ● Bipolar Technology ● package Outline DIP8, DMP8, SIP8, SOT-89 (5Pin) NJM78LR05BU / CU / DU ■ RESET THRESHOLD VOLTAGE LINE-UP Reset Threshold Voltage Version [ ... ]

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