This part is a kind of semiconductor called D1911.

Function of this product has 2SD1911.

Manufacturers : Wing Shing Computer Components

Image and pinout :

D1911 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

2SD1911 GENERAL DESCRIPTION Silicon Diffused Power Transistor Highvoltage,high-speed switching npn transistors in a plastic envelope with integrated efficiency diode,primarily for use in horizontal deflection circuites of colour television receivers QUICK REFERENCE DATA SYMBOL TO-3PFM CONDITIONS VBE = 0V TYP VCESM VCEO IC ICM Ptot VCEsat Icsat VF tf PARAMETER Collector-emitter voltage peak value Collector-emitter voltage (open base) Collector current (DC) Collector current peak value Total power dissipation Collector-emitter saturation voltage Collector saturation current Diode forward voltage Fall time Tmb 25 IC = 4.0A; IB = 0.8A f = 16KHz IF = 4.5A ICsat = 4.0A; f = 16KHz 4.5 1.6 MAX 1500 600 5 10 50 5 2.0 1.0 UNIT V V A A W V A V s LIMITING VALUES SYMBOL VCESM VCEO IC ICM IB [ ... ]

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