This part is a kind of semiconductor called KIA7812P.

Function of this product has Voltage Regulators.

Manufacturers : Taitron Components

Image and pinout :

KIA7812P image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file : Voltage Regulators Part No. CrossReference Max. Output Current Output Voltage @TJ =25o C Min. IO (A) KA7805 KA7806 KA7808 KA7809 KA7810 KA7811 KA7812 KA7815 KA7818 KA7824 KA7805A KA7806A KA7808A KA7809A KA7810A KA7811A KA7812A KA7815A KA7818A KA7824A KA7905 KA7906 KA7908 KA7912 KA7915 KA7918 KA7924 KIA7805P KIA7806P KIA7808P KIA7809P KIA7810P KIA7812P KIA7815P KIA7818P KIA7820P KIA7824P 7905 7906 7908 7912 7915 7918 7924 KIA7805PI KIA7806PI KIA7808PI KIA7809PI KIA7810PI KIA7812PI KIA7815PI KIA7818PI KIA7820PI KIA7824PI MC7805CT MC7806CT MC7808CT MC7809CT MC7810CT MC7811CT MC7812CT MC7815CT MC7818CT MC7824CT 7805A 7806A 7808A 7809A 7810A 7811A 7812A 7815A 7818A 7824A MC7905CT MC7906CT MC7908CT MC7912CT MC7915CT MC7918CT MC7924CT KA7905 KA7906 KA7908 KA7912 KA7915 KA7918 [ ... ]

KIA7812P PDF Datasheet Download

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