This part is a kind of semiconductor called STK0765F.

Function of this product has Power MOSFET.

Manufacturers : AUK

Image and pinout :

STK0765F image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Semiconductor STK0765F Power MOSFET Features • Low Crss • Low gate charge. • Low leakage current Ordering Information Type NO. STK0765F Marking STK0765 Package Code TO-220F-3L Outline Dimensions unit : mm PIN Connections 1. Gate 2. Drain 3. Source KST-H038-003 1 STK0765F Absolute maximum ratings Characteristic Drain-source voltage Gate-source voltage Drain current (DC) * Drain current (Pulsed) * Drain power dissipation (Tc=25℃) Single pulsed avalanche energy Avalanche current (Repetitive) Repetitive avalanche energy Peak diode recovery dv/dt Junction temperature Storage temperature range * Limited by maximum junction temperature Symbol VDSS VGSS ID IDP PD ② ① ① ③ EAS IAR EAR dv/dt TJ Tstg Rating 650 [ ... ]

STK0765F PDF Datasheet Download

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