This part is a kind of semiconductor called MAX2338.

Function of this product has Triple/Dual-Mode CDMA LNA/Mixers.

Manufacturers : Maxim Integrated Products

Image and pinout :

MAX2338 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

19-1807; Rev 1; 3/01 KIT ATION EVALU LE B A IL A AV Triple/Dual-Mode CDMA LNA/Mixers Features o 1.4dB LNA Noise Figure o 15dB LNA Gain o Mixer Noise Figure 7.5dB (CDMA) 8.7dB (AMPS) o Mixer Gain 14.5dB PCS 13.3dB Cellular 8.8dB AMPS o LO Frequency Divider, Saves VCO Module o LO Output Buffers for TX o Ultra-Small 28-Pin Leadless Package General Description The MAX2338 receiver RF front-end IC is designed for dual-band CDMA cellular phones and can also be used in dual-band TDMA, GSM, or EDGE cellular phones. Thanks to the MAX2338’s on-chip low-power LO divider, the cellular VCO module can be eliminated. The MAX2338 includes a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with an adjustable high-input third-order intercept point (IIP3) to minimize intermodulation and cross-modulation in the presence of lar [ ... ]

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