This part is a kind of semiconductor called H649A.

Function of this product has Low Frequancy Power Amplifier.

Manufacturers : Shantou Huashan

Image and pinout :

H649A image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Shantou Huashan Electronic Devices Co.,Ltd. P NP S I L I C O N T RAN S I S T O R H649A ¨€ ¨€ LOW FREQUANCY POWER AMPLIFIER ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS£¨ Tstg¡ª T j¡ ª PC¡ª PC¡ª VCBO¡ª VCEO¡ ª VEBO¡ª IC¡ª Storage Temperature¡Junction Temperature¡-¡ Collector Dissipation£¨ Collector Dissipation£¨ Tc=25¡æ£© TA=25¡æ £©¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡- ¡¡¡¡¡- Ta=25¡æ£© -55~150¡æ 150¡æ 20W 1W -180V -160V -5V -1.5A 1¨D Emitter£¬ E 2¨D Collector£¬ C 3¨D Base£¬ B TO-126ML Collector-Base Voltage¡-¡ -¡ -¡ -¡ Collector-Emitter Voltage¡-¡ -¡ Emitter-Base Voltage¡-¡ Collector Current£¨ DC£©¡- ¨€ Electrical Characteristics£¨ Symbol Ta=25¡æ£© Min Typ Max Unit Test Conditions Parameter HFE£¨ HFE£¨ 1£© 2£© DC Current Gain [ ... ]

H649A PDF Datasheet Download

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