This part is a kind of semiconductor called MAX5302.

Function of this product has Low-Power / 12-Bit Voltage-Output DAC with Serial Interface.

Manufacturers : Maxim

Image and pinout :

MAX5302 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

19-1559; Rev 0; 10/99 Low-Power, 12-Bit Voltage-Output DAC with Serial Interface __________________General Description The MAX5302 combines a low-power, voltage-output, 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a precision output amplifier in an 8-pin µMAX package. It operates from a single +5V supply, drawing less than 280µA of supply current. The output amplifier’s inverting input is available to the user, allowing specific gain configurations, remote sensing, and high output current capability. This makes the MAX5302 ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial process control. Other features include a software shutdown and power-on reset. The serial interface is SPI™/QSPI™/MICROWIRE™ compatible. The DAC has a double-buffered input, organized as an input re [ ... ]

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