This part is a kind of semiconductor called MAX530.

Function of this product has +5V / Low-Power / Parallel-Input / Voltage-Output / 12-Bit DAC.

Manufacturers : Maxim

Image and pinout :

MAX530 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

19-0168; Rev 3; 7/95 +5V, Low-Power, Parallel-Input, Voltage-Output, 12-Bit DAC _______________General Description The MAX530 is a low-power, 12-bit, voltage-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that uses single +5V or dual ±5V supplies. This device has an on-chip voltage reference plus an output buffer amplifier. Operating current is only 250µA from a single +5V supply, making it ideal for portable and battery-powered applications. In addition, the SSOP (Shrink-Small-Outline-Package) measures only 0.1 square inches, using less board area than an 8-pin DIP. 12-bit resolution is achieved through laser trimming of the DAC, op amp, and reference. No further adjustments are necessary. Internal gain-setting resistors can be used to define a DAC output voltage range of 0V to +2.048V, 0V t [ ... ]

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