This part is a kind of semiconductor called MAC97A6.

Function of this product has TRIACs 0.8 AMPERE RMS 200 - 600 VOLTS.

Manufacturers : Motorola

Image and pinout :

MAC97A6 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA Order this document by MAC97/D Silicon Bidirectional Triode Thyristors . . . designed for use in solid state relays, MPU interface, TTL logic and any other light industrial or consumer application. Supplied in an inexpensive TO–92 package which is readily adaptable for use in automatic insertion equipment. • One–Piece, Injection–Molded Unibloc Package • Sensitive Gate Triggering in Four Trigger Modes for all possible Combinations of Trigger Sources, and Especially for Circuits that Source Gate Drives • All Diffused and Glassivated Junctions for Maximum Uniformity of Parameters and Reliability MAXIMUM RATINGS (TJ = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Rating Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage (Gate Open, TJ = –40 to +110°C)(1) 1/2 Sine Wave 50 [ ... ]

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