This part is a kind of semiconductor called 1N4148, 1N4448.

Function of this product has 100V, 200mA, High-speed diodes.

Package : Axial Type

Manufacturers : NXP

Image and pinout :


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The 1N4148 and 1N4448 are high-speed switching diodes fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) packages.

DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS DATA SHEET M3D176 1N4148; 1N4448 High-speed diodes Product specification Supersedes data of 1996 Sep 03 1999 May 25 Philips Semiconductors Product specification High-speed diodes FEATURES • Hermetically sealed leaded glass SOD27 (DO-35) package • High switching speed: max. 4 ns • General application • Continuous reverse voltage: max. 75 V • Repetitive peak reverse voltage: max. 75 V • Repetitive peak forward current: max. 450 mA. The diodes are type branded. handbook, halfpage k 1N4148; 1N4448

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VRRM repetitive peak reverse voltage − 100 V VR continuous reverse voltage − 100 V IF continuous forward current see Fig.2; note 1 − 200 mA IFRM repetitive peak forward current − 450 m

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