This part is a kind of semiconductor called LM7805.

Function of this product has 1A Standard Positive Voltage Regulator.

Manufacturers : TAITRON

Image and pinout :

LM7805 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

1A Standard Positive Voltage Regulator LM7847 ~ LM7824 1A Standard Positive Voltage Regulator General Description • The LM78xx series is three terminal standard positive voltage regulator designed for a wide range of applications that required supply current up to 1A. TO-220 • The LM78xx series is available in 10 fixed output voltage:4.7V,5V,6V,7V,8V,9V,10V, 12V,15V,18V and 24V. • The LM78xx series provides internal current limiting, thermal shutdown protection and Safe-area operation compensation which make them virtually immune from output load, and the output current could up to 1A if adequate heat sinking provide TO-220F • The LM78xx is available in TO-220,TO-220F,DPAK (TO-252) ,D2PAK(TO-263)packages. . Features • Output Current up to 1A • Maximum Input voltage up t [ ... ]

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