This part is a kind of semiconductor called BIT3260.

Function of this product has Low Cost LED Driver.

Manufacturers : BiTEK

Image and pinout :

BIT3260 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

BIT3260 Low Cost LED Driver General Description BIT3260 is a high frequency PWM controller integrating required functions for boost conversion in a small SOP-8 package. A low 0.2V feedback voltage and over voltage protection make BIT3260 an ideal controller for LED backlight supplies. CMOS process greatly reduces the operating current compared with similar products. Pin Configuration 1 VD D 8 O UT 2 EA 7 GND 36 CMP FREQ 4 IN N 5 OCP Features Voltage Mode PWM Controller 10V ~ 18V operation voltage Current limit Frequency adjustable Internal Soft-Start Maximum duty cycle output Over temperature protection, OTP Internal Under Voltage Lock Out, UVLO Totem Pole Output SOP-8 package Applications Backlight for LED Panels Portable Device Backlighting LCD Display Module Typical Applicat [ ... ]

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