This part is a kind of semiconductor called 1ZB36.

Function of this product has SILICON DIFFUSED TYPE ZENER DIODE.

Manufacturers : Toshiba

Image and pinout :

1ZB36 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

1ZB6.8~1ZB390 TOSHIBA ZENER DIODE SILICON DIFFUSED TYPE 1ZB6.8~1ZB390 CONSTANT VOLTAGE REGULATION TRANSIENT SUPPRESSORS Unit: mm l Average Power Dissipation l Peak Reverse Power Dissipation l Zener Voltage l Tolerance of Zener Voltage l Plastic Mold Package : P = 1.0W : PRSM = 200W at tw = 200µs : VZ = 6.8~390V : ±10% MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta = 25°C) CHARACTERISTIC Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range SYMBOL P Tj Tstg RATING 1.0 −40~150 −40~150 UNIT W °C °C MARK JEDEC JEITA TOSHIBA Weight: 0.18g ― ― 3−3F2A 1 2001-07-09 1ZB6.8~1ZB390 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta = 25°C) TYPE 1ZB6.8 1ZB7.5 1ZB8.2 1ZB9.1 1ZB10 1ZB11 1ZB12 1ZB13 1ZB15 1ZB16 1ZB18 1ZB20 1ZB22 1ZB24 1ZB27 1ZB30 1ZB33 1ZB36 1ZB43 1ZB47 1ZB51 1ZB68 1ZB75 1ZB82 1ZB100 1ZB110 [ ... ]

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