This part is a kind of semiconductor called C3176.

Function of this product has 2SC3176.

Manufacturers : Sanyo

Image and pinout :

C3176 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Ordering number:EN1312B NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor 2SC3176 CRT Horizontal Deflection Output Applications (with Damper Diode) Features · Fast switching speed. · Especially suited for use in high-definition CRT display (VCC=12 to 24V). · Wide ASO. Package Dimensions unit:mm 2010C [2SC3176] Specifications JEDEC : TO-220AB EIAJ : SC46 1 : Base 2 : Collector 3 : Emitter Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25˚C Parameter Collector-to-Base Voltage Collector-to-Emitter Voltage Emitter-to-Base Voltage Collector Current Collector Current (Pulse) Base Current Collector Dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VCBO VCEO VEBO IC ICP IB PC Tj Tstg Electrical Characteristics at Ta = 25˚C Tc=25˚C Conditions Parameter Symbol Conditions Collector Cutoff Cur [ ... ]

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