This part is a kind of semiconductor called B1238.

Function of this product has 2SB1238.

Manufacturers : Rohm

Image and pinout :

B1238 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Medium power transistor(80V, 0.7A) 2SB1189 / 2SB1238 Features 1) High breakdown voltage, BVCEO=80V, and high current, IC=0.7A. 2) Complements the 2SD1767 / 2SD1859. Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25C) Parameter Symbol Limits Collector-base voltage VCBO −80 Collector-emitter voltage VCEO −80 Emitter-base voltage VEBO −5 Collector current IC −0.7 Collector power dissipation 2SB1189 2SB1238 PC 0.5 2 1 Junction temperature Tj 150 Storage temperature Tstg −55 to +150 ∗1 When mounted on a 40×40×0.7 mm ceramic board. ∗2 Printed circuit board 1.7 mm thick, collector plating 1cm2 or larger. Unit V V V A W ∗1 ∗2 °C °C Packaging specifications and hFE Type Package hFE Marking Code Basic ordering unit (pieces) ∗Denotes hFE 2SB1 [ ... ]

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