This part is a kind of semiconductor called NTC-10D-15x.

Function of this product has DIP NTC THERMISTOR.

Manufacturers : Mayloon

Image and pinout :

NTC-10D-15x image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

ભၼሽ՗‫ૻڶ‬ֆ‫׹‬ Mayloon Electronic Co., Ltd., sinloon® DIP NTC THERMISTOR (Surge Protectors) DIP NTC- D15 Series FEATURES: ● 5mm,8mm 10mm 13 mm 15mm 20mm 25mm Epoxy coated Disc Type. ● SURGE PROTECTORS of ceramic material are made from specially formulated metal oxide. ● The Power Thermistor is a device for suppressing inrush current to an electric circuit. ● The Power Thermistor in the circuits protects electric equipments from being damaged by limiting the inrush current. Diameter Part Number (mm) NTC-2.5D-15□ NTC- 3D -15 □ NTC- 5D -15 □ NTC- 8D -15 □ NTC-10D -15□ NTC-12D -15□ NTC-15D -15□ NTC-16D -15□ NTC-20D -15□ NTC-30D -15□ NTC-40D -15□ NTC-47D -15□ NTC-120D15□ Max. ( 25℃ Ambient) Resistance Steady State (25℃) Appro [ ... ]

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