This part is a kind of semiconductor called STK621-140B-E.

Function of this product has 3-phase Inverter Motor Drive Inverter Hybrid IC.

Manufacturers : Sanyo

Image and pinout :

STK621-140B-E image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Ordering number : EN*A1033 Thick-Film Hybrid IC STK621-140B-E Overview 3-phase Inverter Motor Drive Inverter Hybrid IC The STK621-140B-E is 3-phase inverter power hybrid IC containing power elements, pre-driver, and excessive temperature protection circuit. Applications • 3-phase inverter motor drive. Features • Protective circuits including overcurrent (bus line), and pre-drive low voltage protection are built in. • Direct input of CMOS level control signals without an insulating circuit is possible. • The temperature monitor is enabled through the use of an internal thermistor. • Single power supply drive is possible through the use of a built-in upper-side power-supply bootstrap circuit (capacitor is externally connected). • Built-in simultaneous upper/lower ON preven [ ... ]

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