This part is a kind of semiconductor called HHC66AT73.

Function of this product has Miniature PCB Relay.

Manufacturers : Clion

Image and pinout :

HHC66AT73 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

HHC66A(T73) Miniature PCB Relay Model and Description ★Contact form: A=NO, B=NC, C=NO&NC Specification Dimension Form Rated load Max switching voltage Contact resistance Material Electrical life Mechanical life Contact Feature Operate voltage (23℃) Release voltage (23℃) Maximum voltage (23℃) DC Coil voltage AC DC Coil power AC Pick-up time Release time Between Same-pole contacts Dielectric Between Opposite-pole contacts strength Between contacts and coil Insulation resistance Ambient temperature Ambient humidity Atmospheric pressure Shock resistance Vibration resistance Installation Plastic pipe Inner box Foam box Plastic pipe Outer box Foam box Packing Dimension of 2000PCS/CTN 1000PCS/CTN the carton 1PCS Weight 2000PCS/CTN 1000PCS/CTN Wiring Diagram & Bottom View 19mm*15.5mm* [ ... ]

HHC66AT73 PDF Datasheet Download

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