This part is a kind of semiconductor called UR18650A.

Function of this product has Cell.

Manufacturers : Sanyo

Image and pinout :

UR18650A image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

Cell Type UR18650A Specifications Nominal Capacity Nominal Voltage Charging Method Charging Voltage Charging Current Charging Time Ambient Temperature Weight (Max.) (D) Dimensions (Max.) 64.7mm Dimensions(Typ.) H of D 18.05mm Bare Cell d 9.0mm Discharged State after Assembling Charge Discharge Storage Min.2150mAh 3.6V Constant Current -Constant Voltage 4.2V Std.1505mA 3.0hrs. 0ÿ^ +40! -20ÿ^ +60! -20ÿ^ +50! 43.0g 18.10mm 64.80mm 464Wh/l 180Wh/kg (H) Volumetric Energy Density Gravimetric Energy Density Maximum size without tube *When designing a battery pack, get the precise information on cell a battery drawing Free Datasheet Discharge Rate Characteristics for UR18650A 4.5 Temp.:20! Charge:CC-CV:0.7CA(=1.51A)-4.2V(CA/50. cut) Discharge:CC:Variable Current [ ... ]

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