This part is a kind of semiconductor called 78F9177.

Function of this product has UPD78F9177.

Manufacturers : NEC

Image and pinout :

78F9177 image and datasheet pinout

Some of the text within the PDF file :

DATA SHEET µPD78F9177, 78F9177Y 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCONTROLLER MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT The µPD78F9177 and µPD78F9177Y are µPD789177, 789177Y Subseries (small, general-purpose) in the 78K/0S Series. The µPD78F9177 replaces the internal ROM of the µPD789176 and µPD789177 with flash memory, while the µPD78F9177Y replaces the ROM of the µPD789176Y and µPD789177Y with flash memory. Because flash memory allows the program to be written and erased electrically with the device mounted on the board, this product is ideal for the evolution stages of system development, small-scale production and rapid development of new products. Detailed function descriptions are provided in the following user’s manuals. Be sure to read them before designing. µPD789167, 789177, 789167Y, 789177Y [ ... ]

78F9177 PDF Datasheet Download

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